Tabuk Chamber


Since the establishment of this semi-governmental organization about 40 years ago, no modernization or development has been made to the chamber’s identity; in 2020, the Tabuk chamber board of directions reached us with a refreshing concept. As a first step in crafting a future-technology-ready brand, the team at DOO brought simplicity on board to help define the brand DNA and bring it to life for a bright target through a relevant and authentic visual identity.


• Brand Strategy
• Brand Design
• Web Dvelopment


We were honored to develop and design the new identity of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tabuk; later on, the name was changed to «Tabuk Chamber» which was inaugurated by Tabuk Prince Fahd bin Sultan Al Saud, which represents the beginning of a new and prosperous future. Our biggest challenge was the high-tech world that we live in today. It’s hard for government associations to switch digital, but a must. It is understandable since protocols restrict it. That’s why Tabuk Chamber wanted to put its digital switch to work


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